Vincentian Society Member 2021-2022

Francis Anania

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Azzara

Mr. Arthur Barbour

Mr. Robert J. Bartolowits

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Bell

Mr. Robert L. Bell

Elaine M. Bellin

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Buehler, Jr.

Ms. Meg Burkardt

Mr. Marc Canovali

Mr. James R. Colleran

Mr. and Mrs. H. Scott Cunningham

Mr. and Mrs. H. Scott Cunningham

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Deglmann

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Donahue

Mr. George C. Dorman

Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Dunlap

Mr. Frederick Egler

Patricia L. Embree

Mr. James B. Embree

Mrs. Kathleen English and Mrs. Diane Chengelis

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Joseph Federowicz

Mr. and Mrs. George A. Ferrance

Ms. Ann P. Flaherty

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Foody

Alan Malus and Kathleen Foody Malus

Richard and Dorothy Fukas

Ms. Judith Glas

Ms. Bernice M. Gronsky

Dr. Christopher and Monica Koman

Margaret B. Kush, MD

Michelle H. Lally

Ms. Paula J. Larouere

Ms. Susan Lewandowski

Mr. and Mrs. James Lorenzi

Mr. and Mrs. James Lorenzi

Ms. Bonnie L. Maley

Alan Malus and Kathleen Foody Malus

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Manion

Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. McGough Jr.

Mr. and Ms. William D. McKain

William and Patricia McKim

Ms. Mary Novak-McCafferty

Dr. and Mrs. Harry M. Null

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Owrey

Deanna Owrey

Ms. Martha L. Perego

Mr. Francis P. Pickle

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Pritchard

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D. Regan

Ms. Virginia Riegner

Mr. William C. Ries

Mr. Phil Skender

Mr. Eric J. Smith

Mark E. Thompson, MD

Mr. Anthony J. Turo

Dr. John and Mrs. Julieta Uribe

Dr. John and Julieta Uribe

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Witherel

Milton Wolf

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Zahren

The J. Christopher and Ann C. Donahue Charitable Fund

Edward B. Dunlap, Jr. Foundation

Michelle H Lally, Esquire