Dignity Lives Here!

Dignity... We were designed with it. We need it. It's part of our identity. It's displayed in our actions and in our appearance. What a person wears matters... How a person presents them self matters. How a person shops... matters.

Imagine not having access to nice clothes, clean clothes, or clothes that can keep you warm and comfortable...

Imagine wanting to break free from homelessness or extreme poverty and walking into a job interview without the proper attire to put your best self forward. Imagine only having access to the bottom of the barrel... the scraps discarded by society.

Our most vulnerable residents in Atlanta, especially our homeless, are struggling to recover their compromised dignity because of their lack of access to quality clothing. They need access to clean quality clothing to restore dignity and open up opportunities. 

The privileged and wealthy have had their dignity compromised through the rampant consumerism of society that easily disregards those struggling in the margins.  Humans weren't designed to aimlessly consume for selfish gain without caring for those in our community struggling to make it another day. 

What if there was a place you could shop with purpose and find quality and stylish products for free and pay what you could, knowing your purchase helps change someone else's future?

What if there was a place your business could donate overstocked items, or unsellable like-new returns, with full confidence that their products help restore dignity and change futures?

The Community Boutique is connecting those two worlds and restoring dignity for everyone by providing a place the homeless and the millionaire can shop alongside each other with purpose. 

Vision: To bring love, purpose, inspiration, confidence and style to each individual inside and out regardless of their color, culture or class. 

Mission:  We offer the finest in fashion and quality for the sake of the underserved of society, through excellent service, and quality products. 

How does it work? 

1. Show up at the Boutique and get assigned a shopping consultant to take you through and help you select what is best for you.

2. Try on various products and finalize your selections.

3. Make a donation to support the ministry and help bless someone who can't afford quality clothing and accessories. 

Who do we serve?    We serve the Kings and Queens of creation, all human beings, designed by God with dignity and dominion. Each image bearer of God, regardless of color, culture or class has intrinsic value and dignity waiting to be fully discovered and displayed. If you are a homeless woman who comes to our boutique for clothes you receive the same service and quality as the millionaire who finds something they like and makes a donation to support the ministry. 

Where?   The Community Boutique is looking for a permanent home and we are raising money for a Mobile Boutique to take our ministry to the streets! For now though we are thankfully operating out of Fountain of Hope Food Bank in the Grove Park Community of Atlanta. 

From Homeless to Humanitarian

LaQuana Alexander (A.K.A. LA Pink) is no stranger to the Atlanta Community. She began her journey in humanitarian work through her very own personal experiences of homelessness in Atlanta. While homeless herself she began feeding and clothing her neighbors and developed a deep passion for people and seeing lives restored. She saw first-hand the needs, emotions, and support that were longed for by those caught in the cycle of homelessness and through those personal experiences she instantly knew that one day she would implement a support system for individuals facing such challenges.

In July 2016, LaQuana started Unity in Our Community ATL which is a support system comprised of over 15 organizations with one common goal. That goal is to bring restoration to those in need by providing education, shelter, meals, clothing, personal grooming, and toiletries. The Community Boutique is one of the many innovative initiatives LA Pink has developed to bless Atlanta and help restore dignity to the 

In 2019 LA Pink Joined the Restore Life team as a Restoration Agent and continues to grow her various ministries through recruiting volunteers and expanding her donor base. If you would like to partner with her on her mission to transform and restore lives by donating or volunteering please contact her at unityinourcommunityatl@gmail.com