Community Partnership School Investment Campaign

Fund Students at All CHS Community Partnership Schools

Support CHS' 21 Community Partnership Schools

A Community Partnership School is the hub of our community, a place focused on student success — in school and beyond.

Please invest in the students attending one of CHS' 21 Community Partnership Schools to provide:

  • Health and wellness supports: medical, dental, vision, behavioral/mental health, nutrition and hygiene 
  • Expanded learning opportunities: afterschool, weekend and summer learning activities; mentoring, tutoring;  enrichment activities (music/art/drama/dance/sports) and teacher development 
  • Family and community engagement:  parent engagement in school activities, family coaching, literacy/adult education, job preparation, leadership, volunteerism, financial literacy/education, crime prevention activities, community support and community involvement with law enforcement

Your investment will provide opportunities for educational and lifetime success designed to impact an entire generation.


Serving Students

We connect students with programs and services that build on daily classroom learning. Students can improve academically, participate in after-school activities and receive onsite services.

A snapshot of our services include:

  • Access to mentors
  • Tutoring
  • On-site health care and counseling
  • Student leadership opportunities
  • Academic enrichment opportunities

Serving Families

At Edward H. White Academy of Leadership, we offer something no other school has in the community: A Full-time Parent Resource Center, which allows you to play an active role in your child's education. Here, you will find a welcoming environment where you can access valuable resources and opportunities:

  • Community education programs, financial and parenting workshops
  • Access to Parent Academy resources
  • GED classes and assistance
  • Access to computers and printers
  • Help applying for government assistance 

Our Fundraising Goal

$360,000 will provide access to services and solutions for 1,000 children and their families at Evans High, A Community Partnership School.  Please donate or start your online fundraiser to help every child realize their full potential.





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  • University of North Florida April 2023 $1,500.00
  • Kristie Wallace Because every child in our community deserves a good education, healthcare, food, safety, and the ability to succeed in our one life. July 2022 $1,050.00