Support Caribbean K-8 Center, A Community Partnership School today!

Caribbean K-8 Center, A Community Partnership School is the hub of our community, a place focused on student success — in school and beyond.

Please invest in the students attending Caribbean K-8 Center, A Community Partnership School to provide:

  • Health and wellness supports: medical, dental, vision, behavioral/mental health, nutrition and hygiene 
  • Expanded learning opportunities: afterschool, weekend and summer learning activities; mentoring, tutoring;  enrichment activities (music/art/drama/dance/sports) and teacher development 
  • Family and community engagement:  parent engagement in school activities, family coaching, literacy/adult education, job preparation, leadership, volunteerism, financial literacy/education, crime prevention activities, community support and community involvement with law enforcement

Your investment will provide opportunities for educational equity, leading to a lifetime of success for generations to come!

About Caribbean K-8 Center, A Community Partnership School

Serving Students

We connect students with programs and services that build on daily classroom learning. Students can improve academically, participate in after-school activities and receive onsite services.


Serving Families


At Caribbean K-8 Center, A Community Partnership School we will offer something no other school has in the community: A Full-time Parent Resource Center, which allows parents to play an active role in their child's education. Here, families will find a welcoming environment where they can access valuable resources and opportunities.


Caribbean K-8 Center,  a Community Partnership School is a partnership among Children’s Home Society of Florida, Community Health of South Florida, Miami-Dade College and Miami-Dade County School District.

Our Fundraising Goal

$360,000 will provide access to services and solutions for 1,000 children and their families at Evans High, A Community Partnership School.  Please donate or start your online fundraiser to help every child realize their full potential.





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