Do You Know Someone Who Would Make a Great Ambassador?

Hear We Go Mission Statement:

Hearing is a critical part of every child's social, emotional and cognitive development. Our goal is to raise awareness about the importance of proper and timely diagnosis and management of hearing loss in children in order to facilitate their language development. Proceeds from the Hear We Go Event will benefit our clinical and research programs at Nemours Children's Hospital, Delaware related to hearing loss and hearing conservation in children in our community.

Why we have an ambassador?

Hear We Go has developed the ambassador role to be the face of our 5K and Family Fun Day. This individual is selected by the committee to exemplify our mission and help encourage and motivate families to come together. Our ambassador’s story helps to bring awareness to others regarding hearing loss and helps other children within the community feel like they are not alone.

What qualifies you to be an ambassador?

  • Marketing knowledge and/or willingness to work with our marketing team 
  • Established online presence and/or willingness to participate in Hear We Go online presence
  • Natural leadership skills
  • Passion for building and growing relationships
  • Flexibility with scheduling to allow participation in marketing and fundraising events throughout the year prior to the annual race

What responsibilities come with being an ambassador?

  • Availability to participate in the 5k and Family Fun Day
  • Participation in photo shoot for marketing materials
  • Participation if interested in community fundraising events sponsored by Hear We Go
  • Creation of short online updates and video messages
  • Short written paragraph about their journey with hearing loss
  • Participation if interested in sharing your story as opening remarks for the actual event
  • Creation of an individual team and the promotion of fundraising for that team

What do I need to do to nominate someone as an ambassador?

If you have questions or would like to find out more about the ambassador program, please call one of our Hear We Go Coordinators:

  • Melissa Stone: 302-651-6555 
  • Shannon Francese: 302-651-6063

Meet Lucy, Our 2022 Ambassador

HWG Lucy Picture 3.jpg

Lucy was born with microtia of the right ear, which means her outer ear was not fully developed. Both of her ear canals are very narrow (stenosis) and she had a cleft palate. At the age of 2 years we took Lucy to A.I., where it was determined that she has a mild hearing difference on her left side and a moderate/severe hearing difference on her right side. Lucy's type of hearing loss is conductive, due to her outer and middle ear being affected. 

Meet Kelly, Our 2021 Ambassador

Audiology Hear We Go-Meren_Kelly 9-8-2020DSC_5545.jpg

Meet Jason, Our 2020 Ambassador

Photo HWG Jason alone.jpg

Once LJ began speech and he started to progress, the Speech and Language Pathologist from UD again suggested a hearing test just to rule out hearing loss. We reluctantly scheduled the appointment and took LJ in about a week later. That was the day that we knew something maybe wrong with LJ’s hearing as he failed the hearing test at UD. We immediately sought a second opinion at Nemours Children’s Audiology Department. The appointment was scheduled for early February, and we had no idea what to expect.  We nervously took LJ in and met with Dr. Jessica Godovin. After another full hearing assessment she confirmed that our son had Sensorineural Hearing Loss of the right ear.

Meet Kenyon, Our 2020 Ambassador

Photo HWG Kenyon.jpg

Kenyon's “hearing journey” began at birth when he failed the newborn hearing screening three times. He began the testing to determine a diagnosis - genetic, neurological, and of course more hearing tests. His parents and brother are all hearing, so this was uncharted territory for his family. Click here to read Kenyon's story.