2024 Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend

Cayla Craig

February 23, 2024 12:00am - February 25, 2024 11:59pm

Welcome to my fundraising road course!

Why I Run for CHD Research

I am excited and honored to be running in support of The Children's Heart Foundation in honor of my heart warrior Elias! ❤️

Elias was born with the heart defect VSD. It wasn't detected until he was one month old, so he had a pretty rough start. It wasn't long until we realized that the best treatment for him was surgery. At almost three months old, Elias underwent open heart surgery. We are so thankful for his care team and a successful procedure! Right away he looked so much better, healthier, and stronger! He hasn't stopped growing since, and is now a big and strong five year old! We are thankful every day for the research and medical care that helped make our sweet boy better!













My Supporters

  • Billie MacNabb 2 weeks ago $25.75
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  • Elite Fitness Centers Leeshy, Mason, Parker, Richard & ALL of your ELITE family are cheering you on!!! We love you!!! 2 weeks ago $17.30
  • joe stanson 3 weeks ago $103.00
  • Elizabeth Monsees Sending love from NY 3 weeks ago
  • joe stanson 3 weeks ago $103.00
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