Creating a personal campaign page gives you a chance to do something small, but make a big impact. You can spread the word about SCN2A-related disorders and get your friends and family to rally behind a cause close to your heart. How you might ask, would I do this?

A FEW IDEAS (but we encourage creativity!)

  • Donate your birthday by asking everyone who was going to buy you a gift to donate to your personal fundraiser page instead!
  • Do you have an upcoming wedding or another major celebration? Ask your inner circle to put their gift money to good use and donate to your fundraiser!
  • Run/walk/ride your own mini-marathon – do it outside the house OR you can do it indoors on a treadmill or a stationary bike!
  • Record yourself breaking a personal record doing an activity that you love and ask spectators to donate to the cause you love!
  • Any other creative idea!

Contact us if you need support!





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