The Cause

Enhancing Independence 

Canine Companions enhances the lives of children, adults and veterans with disabilities by providing expertly trained service dogs at no cost. Our dogs are trained to assist with daily tasks to provide independence and confidence. A student achieves their dreams of attending college. A veteran gets a good night's sleep. A patient can endure an additional procedure. Lives are transformed after being matched and working with a Canine Companions service dog.

A man with a warm smile is seated in a wheelchair, accompanied by his loyal yellow Labrador service dog wearing a blue Canine Companions vest, both posing happily in an outdoor setting with a walkway and columns in the background.Jacque with Service Dog Audrey

Before having a service dog, Jacque found himself consistently frustrated going into public places. He shared that people would ignore him, and it was hard to navigate the world with his wheelchair. Then came Canine Companions Service Dog Audrey.

Specially bred, raised and trained for two years, Audrey is able to help Jacque with tasks like opening and closing doors, retrieving items, and even alerting others if Jacque falls. He says having a service dog by his side has made him more visible and encouraged people to interact with him and support him in public places.

“I am so grateful to have Audrey in my life,” says Jacque. “Because of her I can finally get the chance to live my life more freely, independently and with total joy.”

Canine Companions has placed more than 7,600 service dogs, but hundreds of people with disabilities are still waiting for their match. Your DogFest fundraising efforts support this important mission – get started today!

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National Service Dog Month

DogFest is Canine Companions' signature event, taking place in cities across the country. DogFest falls during or near the month of September as a connection and celebration of National Service Dog Month, a month dedicated to honoring the hard work and life-changing impact service dogs make on people with disabilities every day. Join us as we celebrate this important work today and all year long!

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About Service Dogs

DogFest is a day to celebrate the joy that all dogs bring to our lives, whether working dogs or loving pets. But did you know that service dogs have different access rights and roles than pets do?

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), service dogs are legally allowed to go almost anywhere with their handler, even where pets cannot. This means you may see them out and about in your community. Remember that they have a job to do. Often, handlers welcome questions and enjoy interacting with the public, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

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We encourage you to meet some of our Canine Companions clients and their service dogs at DogFest, and remember these important tips!

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