Grab a Leash for DogFest LA/OC 2024!

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Gather your friends, family and dogs for a day of fun on August 24 at SteelCraft in Garden Grove, CA.

Welcome to DogFest: A Special Event Celebrating the Extraordinary Bond Between Humans and Canines!

DogFest stands as more than just a fundraiser; it is the signature event of Canine Companions, embodying our unwavering commitment to enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities through the incredible support of expertly trained service dogs.

This lively celebration unites pet dogs, service dogs, and families, creating a magical day that honors the extraordinary bond we share with our four-legged friends.

Your participation in this fun event directly supports the mission of Canine Companions, providing greater independence to people with disabilities through the assistance of expertly trained service dogs, offered at no cost.

At DogFest, we extend a warm invitation to pet dogs and families, encouraging all to join the festivities! This event is dog- and family-friendly, free, and open to the public. We also encourage and appreciate fundraising efforts to contribute to this vital cause.

Help us make this day truly special by joining the culmination of year-round fundraising during this community event that the whole family can enjoy – including your pups! Your support makes a meaningful impact on the lives of those who benefit from the companionship and assistance of these exceptional service dogs.

August 24, 2024, from 12 pm - 4 pm at SteelCraft Garden Grove 
12900 S Euclid St, Garden Grove, CA 92840

  • Fun activities for the whole family including your dog/s
  • Food & Drinks
  • Vendor Marketplace
  • Silent Auction
  • Doggie Fashion Show
  • And so much more!

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Other ways to get involved

  • Volunteer
  • Become a vendor
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Why We Fundraise

Canine Companions is leading the service dog industry so our clients and their dogs can live with greater independence. We provide service dogs to adults, children and veterans with disabilities and facility dogs to professionals working in healthcare, criminal justice and educational settings. Since our founding in 1975, our dogs and all follow-up services are provided at no cost to our clients. 

Elizabeth Pode and Service Dog Edge

A cheerful woman sits beside her yellow Labrador service dog on a wooden bench. The dog, donning a Canine Companions vest, and its handler are in front of a whimsical mural depicting a pastoral landscape.Elizabeth Pode is a career coach at Pepperdine Graziadio Business School and lives an independent, active life. She is always on-the-go between work, graduate school, traveling, social events and more. Elizabeth also lives with cerebral palsy, specifically spastic diplegia, which causes her to have extremely limited balance; she is not able to walk without assistance from her walker or with help from someone and often can fall or drop items she cannot pick up.

While Elizabeth was fairly independent before she was matched with Service Dog Edge, she always lived with a fear of being a situation where she would need to call for help or would be stranded and need to rely on a stranger passing by.

Elizabeth was matched with Edge at the Southwest Region’s Oceanside campus in August 2022. Service Dog Edge picks things up off the ground for Elizabeth, limiting the likelihood of a fall. He can also bring her walker back to her, eliminating situations of her being stranded and having to rely on a stranger to come by and help. Edge is trained in over 45 tasks that all assist with Elizabeth’s ability to maintain an independent lifestyle and give her the reassurance she needs to navigate through life without fear.

Elizabeth remarks, “I’m an outgoing and social person by nature, but Edge just takes it to the next level. As I make my way up in my career, I really feel like people are drawn to us as a team and he’s a great ambassador for people with disabilities. I also feel like when I’m alone, he’s wonderful insurance that I can remain independent. While my disability is not progressive, as I get older, my body acts differently based on wear and tear. I have gotten stiffer and have less strength and balance. Things that used to be easy are getting harder, so Edge is a great help in navigating my changing ability level.”

When you raise funds through DogFest, you make a direct impact and make the gift of enhanced independence possible for the people we serve. Get started now! 

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