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Kristi and David Lumpkins Share Why Yellowstone is a Special Place

The Lumpkins keep dreaming big for Yellowstone because the model is working. Our students and alumni are overcoming huge obstacles and breaking through statistics every day because people like you give generously of your time, talent, and treasure. Watch the video and hear it in their own words! 

Give a little. Help a lot.

Students at the Yellowstone Schools have big dreams, and you can help make sure they achieve them. Your gift today will help ensure our students have all the supplies, teachers, and supplemental care they need to finish this school year strong. 

About the Yellowstone Schools

Access to a high-quality education can determine a student’s outcome.

According to data reported by the Texas Tribune, only 1 in 10 economically disadvantaged students or students of color in Houston is expected to successfully complete a college degree or post-secondary certification program.

These exceptional students can expect to enjoy higher wages, more employment opportunities, better health, and increased levels of civic engagement. For the remaining nine students, however, the future is not nearly so bright.

You can be the difference.

Your gift will provide a student with access to Yellowstone’s unique educational program — a program with more than 15 years of proven results.

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The Role of Poverty

In Texas, school districts with few economically disadvantaged students tend to perform better than districts with more. In fact, no school district with a rate of low-income students lower than 30 percent received an overall rating of C, D or F.

We believe all students are born with purpose and destined for success.

By providing a high-quality, rigorous education paired with holistic student support programs, we are succeeding where so many schools have failed, but we need your support.

This problem is too big for us to fight alone, but with your support we can make a difference in Houston.

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7 in 10 Yellowstone Alumni

At the Yellowstone Schools, our alumni graduate high school prepared for success. More than 75% have enrolled in college or post-secondary programs. We inspire, empower, and invest in students to achieve their highest potential and fulfill their intended purpose.

Our first class of alumni will begin graduating from college in 2020, and we predict that more than 7 in 10 of them will succeed — representing a rate of achievement 60% higher than their peers.

For more than 15 years we have been working to move the needle. Our students are beating the odds stacked against them everyday. They are living proof that a high quality education paired with wrap-around support services can transform a life.

Despite this fantastic success, our efforts are not enough.

We need you.

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Thank You for Supporting our Schools!

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