Volunteer and count your hours toward your team goal

Get out and volunteer

We’re partnered with some great charities working on conservation projects around the state. Pull your team together and clean beaches, rebuild trails, plant trees, and work to make Washington the great green place we love.  Get a list of events at facebook.com/earthdayvolunteer or by clicking on volunteer on this page.

If you’re taking part in team fundraising you can count every hour you volunteer as $10 towards your team fundraising goal. If your corporate team needs help finding an event for a group of employees, let us know and we’ll help you plan or find something you can all take part in.

Challenge your friends and coworkers to volunteer for conservation & track your activities

Use our free volunteer tracker to show your company's or group's impact during Earth Month. We encourage volunteers to contribute to the programs and organizations that help make the Puget Sound region such a desirable place to work and live.

Enter your volunteer event to the left for review. Once they are verified they will be added at a value of $10 per hour on your team page and on the leaderboard.