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E-Bike Tour Across The U.S.

Dr. Gregory Maassen is e-biking solo across the United States from Washington DC to San Francisco, a 3,400+ mile journey, to raise awareness and support for peripheral neuropathy research and education.

Gregory is following the historic Lincoln Highway, in the footsteps of a young President Eisenhower, on the route that inspired the creation of the Interstate Highway System, and now, will forge a new transcontinental cycling route, and new hope for peripheral neuropathy discoveries.

UPDATE: Gregory has traveled over 4,000 miles on his way to San Francisco! The trail has taken Gregory through some different roads due to weather and other conditions- adding almost 1000 miles to his original estimate. Along the way, Gregory also took a side tour back to D.C. to pass his citizenship test and become an American! What an adventure this has been for Gregory for so many reasons!

And still, Gregory will cross the finish line in San Francisco as anticipated on August 2!

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All donations received from July 5 until August 2 will be matched dollar-for-dollar* by the FPN Board President. 

* up to $30,000


Update from the Road!





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Cheer him on at one of his stops.

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Follow his journey at www.ebiketour.org.


And Donate in Support of Peripheral Neuropathy Research and Education

For more information on peripheral neuropathy, go to The Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy Website.


Gregory Talks about His HIstoric Journey!