For an in-depth list of our FAQs, visit our FAQs page. 

How to Get to the Walk. Whether you're taking public transportation or driving, Download How to Get There

Parking - Though there is no parking at Rogerson House, there are plenty of options in the neighborhood. Learn more.

Helping You Promote Your Fundraising for the Walk - Here's a handy Social Media Toolkit with instructions and graphics to make it easy! 

50+ Contacts in 5 Minutes - You have more contacts than you think. Here's a tool to help you brainstorm and put you on the path to success. 

How to Start the Conversation to Ask For Donations - Fundraising can be intimidating. Here are some ways to make it easy.

Friends and Family Letter - We want to make reaching out to friends and family easy to do. Here's an example of a letter for you to use. You can also copy the words into an email.

Getting Organized - Here's a tool to help you get your fundraising steps in order.