Santiago Ramos '23

The EPPIIC Compassion Fund provided me with additional help in a really hard moment for me and my family. My dad lost his business and I was forced to stay away from my family for an uncertain amount of time. My roommate left, so I am in charge of all the expenses. I'm also from a country that the average salary is about $500 a month, so staying in the US longer than expected without any source of income is financially tough. Luckily, Millersville University has been there to assist me with food expenses along with donations for my rent and other expenses that will help me for some time.

Aubrey Laity '21

The funding from the Millersville EPPIIC Student Compassion Fund helped me afford remote learning equipment such as wifi and a printer, as well as groceries and rent assistance for the rest of my Spring semester. After losing my job on campus due to it being deemed non-essential, I was frantically looking for another job to pick-up just to get by. Luckily, this funding came just in time, and I was able to focus on my studies instead of trying to figure out how to get by for the week. Due to the financial assistance of the Student Compassion Fund, I was even able to make it onto the Spring 2020's Dean's List! Thank you to all of the generous donors, the Millersville EPPIIC Student Compassion Fund Committee, and the University for giving me the ability to do my best as a student during these difficult times. I am proud to be a Marauder!

Annabelle Tierney '22

The Millersville EPPIIC Student Compassion Fund provided me not only with financial assistance during this uncertain time, but also with opportunity and hope. The assistance I received has allowed me to continue to pay my rent and utilities, and buy groceries for myself. I am so grateful for all of the kind people who donated to this fund, which in turn has helped so many students in need. As an international student any type of assistance goes along way, especially when I cannot be with my family. 

I am extremely thankful to attend a university that cares so deeply about its students, and that is supported by the amazing community around it. Thank you so much! 

Jordan B'20, M'22

I am truly beyond grateful and appreciative to have been awarded these funds, which will completely enable me to pay my rent and focus on school and my family without worrying about financial issues this summer. I really cannot begin to express how much this means to me and my family.