Recent Activity

To meet the critical student needs that emerged from the pandemic, Millersville University established the EPPIIC Student Compassion Fund to provide immediate and direct support for Millersville University students with difficult personal circumstances.

As financial hardships continue to create challenges for Millersville University students, there is still a need for student support!

Although several years have passed since the pandemic began, the situation continues to affect the lives of Millersville University students in various ways, presenting financial challenges for students in need of assistance with basic needs, including housing assistance, utilities, transportation, food, online learning resources, and more.

We invite you to support Millersville University students in need of assistance. To meet this need, Millersville University has established the EPPIIC Student Compassion Fund. By contributing to this fund, you will directly support our most vulnerable and most affected students.

We are truly thankful for your concern and support throughout the pandemic, to assist our students facing financial challenges and uncertainty. Your contribution will fulfill an essential need for students here at Millersville University.

This fund will assist vulnerable students with:

Online learning resources
Housing assistance
Medicine and other health-related assistance
and more...

Kanimba D.

"The EPICC Student Compassion Fund has helped me tremendously when I was behind on my rent payment due to the pandemic and limited number of hours being provided at work. As a student it is difficult to work enough hours during the week to pay bills and afford course materials and to attend classes along with studying and completing assignments. It has helped take a heavy burden off back in terms of worrying about how I would be able to afford both rent and utilities for that month."

Lauren C.

"Thank you so much for selecting me as a recipient for the EPPIIC Student Compassion Fund. With the funds provided, I was able to pay for housing and groceries over the summer while I was managing an internship and off-campus housing. The transition was difficult, but the EPPIIC Student Compassion Fund provided relief when I needed it the most. With food and housing security being significant issues for college students, initiatives like the EPPIIC Student Compassion Fund are what make me feel supported as a college student. Thank you again, as your support helped me learn and grow as a student, student worker, and student leader."