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Flame Out - A Walk to Extinguish RSD/CRPS

Thank you for supporting our Flame Out - A Walk to Extinguish RSD/CRPS with your donation. Together our Flame Out - A Walk to Extinguish RSD/CRPS raised over $12,000.

Registration is closed but you can still support us with a donation by clicking the "Please Donate Now!" button.

Our daughter, Judy, suffers from a disabling, chronic, neuropathic disease called RSD (which is also known as CRPS). There is presently no cure for the disease. As an Orphan disease, there is little research or outreach. Only awareness and education will result in advancement of treatment options.

That is where RSDSA comes in. As the only National advocate, for over thirty years, they need your support.

It is through your help and generosity that we are able to continue our work in the RSDSA community. Your caring support truly makes a difference!

RSDSA and Supporting the CRPS Community

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone and yet, despite the pandemic of 2020 the RSDSA support of the complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) community has helped the community to emerge stronger and closer than ever.

Community is profoundly important to those with CRPS. Living with a chronic disease, in constant pain, often unable to work or cut off from family and friends, community is the bright light that sustains us. It is your continuing donations that enable us to keep that light shining.

What did your dollars do to build CRPS community?

  • Facebook Live series – twice monthly presentations on the latest theories about and treatments for CRPS. Sessions were attended by as many as 1000 people and could also be viewed when posted to RSDSA’s YouTube channel.
  • Our first Virtual CRPS Awareness Walk – held in August, it was a testament to the commitment of our RSDSA community members who raised both awareness and funds in 40 states and 3 countries.
  • Treating the Whole Person: Optimizing Wellness virtual conference – Four nights of pertinent information from CRPS researchers and clinicians. Followed by one-to-one networking that reached previously unconnected CRPS Warriors to become part of the caring community.
  • In Rare Form – a new monthly mini-newsletter that updates the Warrior community on current research, news, CRPS initiatives and special events.

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