This Ramadan join MMA Fighters in their efforts to fight hunger! Did you know more than 820 million people around the world do not get enough to eat? This Ramadan you have the opportunity to make that difference in the lives of so many of our brothers and sisters who go to bed hungry. 

We are​ more than MMA fighters. We are a brotherhood. A brotherhood that not only fights in the ring, but outside of the ring for the people who need us the most.

We come from different backgrounds, but we are one in the same. This Ramadan, we are coming together to raise money for a cause close to our hearts. This fight is a fight against hunger. A fight to lift spirits. A fight to support our brothers and sisters around the world. 

Join us in this campaign and spread joy to families during this holy month for as little as $100 feed a family for the whole month! 





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Only $100 to feed a family this Ramadan

Ramadan 2021 is here! There’s no better time than now to make sure that families suffering from poverty, conflict, and famine are able to observe Ramadan and have food to break fast with. By donating a Ramadan Food Box, you can help alleviate the hunger pangs of children, mothers, fathers, grandparents…

Boxes contain food and non-perishables that are staples in the local community. Each box can feed a family of 5-7 for nearly an entire month! Most of all, each food box helps make this time of year a source of hope instead of sadness. Our sisters and brothers are counting on you to give. Families are counting on your compassion. Please give now so that your donation has the best chance to arrive in time for Ramadan.

Virtual Grand Iftar on April 18th


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Why are food packages so important?

What’s inside a food package?
Good stuff: Food that is important to the local diet and is designed to expand easy access to vital nutrients for families. Packages differ from country to country, but many include rice, wheat, lentils, oil, sugar, canned fish or meat, and dates. In some countries, in place of a physical package, vulnerable families are given vouchers and use those to purchase the items they need the most. Connect with us via 1-855-447-1001 or to learn more.

In addition to extending the amount of food a family has access to, your food package donations help the local economy because the food is purchased locally. Our Ramadan food program is specifically designed to complement projects that provide sustainable ways to improve living conditions—it’s a major part of IRUSA’s campaign to end hunger and poverty.

Ramadan, the Holiest Month of the Year

“Ramadan has come to you: a month of blessing in which Allah (SWT) covers you with blessings, sends down mercy, decreases sins, and answers prayers. In [this month], Allah (SWT) looks at your competition in good deeds, and boasts about you to His angels. So show Allah utmost goodness from your souls.”
– Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as narrated by Tabarani

For millions of Muslims around the world, the blessed month of Ramadan is a time of reflection, reverence, fasting, prayer, patience, and charity. For us at Islamic Relief, Ramadan is THE month that defines who we are and what we are about.

Too many of our sisters and brothers struggle to find food for iftar; parents painfully realize that they will not be able to give their children a festive Ramadan or Eid. And with resource depletion and restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, food availability and financial resources are even harder to come by for our already-vulnerable sisters and brothers. Honoring the traditions of the blessed month of Ramadan unfortunately turn into hardships for too many families in need.

That is why your donations this month are so powerful. Not only do you fulfill the charitable obligations Allah (SWT) has set for us, but you also help relieve at least a little of the burden that a struggling family faces.