Based out of Atlanta, GA, Frontier Music is a blended collective of creatives, songwriters, and instrumentalists. As a community, the Frontier Music Artist Collective gathers musicians from all over the southeast region of the United States to partner in unifying the local body of Christ across all socioeconomic, racial, and cultural spectrums. With a unique sound that represents the diversity of the local church, Frontier Music uses their worship expression as a launch pad to further advance God's kingdom through missional outreach in the cities of Atlanta, GA and Greenville, SC. 

Frontier Music was launched in the Spring of 2016 when the founder, Ryan Taylor, began to write personal songs as a response to his prayer time with the Lord. As Ryan gathered a host of close friends together from all over the city to assist in bringing the songs to life, Frontier Music was born. 

Since Frontier Music's conception, the team has gathered communities together to encounter the presence of God in living rooms, churches, coffee houses, and various other intimate settings. Out of these monthly worship gatherings, Frontier Music's misison is to inspire and equip people to go out into their area of society to share the gospel as they are led by Holy Spirit. 

The Frontier Music Artist Collective has recorded and released a host of songs all over the world to better serve the local church with fresh language for their worship gatherings. Frontier Music's desire is that God would use these songs to awaken a generation to become fully alive and fully known in God's love. 


'that a generation would become fully alive and fully known in God's love' 



'to gather songwriters and communities to glorify the Lord, unite the local church, and advance God's kingdom through missional outreach.



1. Our team gathers for worship nights every month throughout the city of Atlanta. We also work with songwriters all across the city of Atlanta, representing various church families, to write and provide the local church with fresh language during their worship moments. As songwriters and missionaries, we partner with church all over the southeast region of the United States to serve alongside various outreach initiatives. 

2. There are many ways to connect with us and join in on our journey as we live on mission. Follow us on instagram at @frontiermsc. You can also follow our journey on Facebook at @Frontier Music. For a more personal approach, you can connect with our WELCOME TEAM at one of our worship gatherings to discovers various ways that you can get plugged in and serve with us. 

3. To help us continue on in serving our community through worship and outreach, you can donate to FRONTIER MUSIC by texting "FRONTIER" to '50155'



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Thank you for your support!

Frontier Music advocates and operates on behalf of Restore Life, a recognized  non-profit organization per IRS Code 432.56.215-B. All donations are Tax Deductible. All donations processed minus transaction fees will be distributed to support The Frontier Music Collective's ministry.