Frequenty Asked Questions

What is Freed to Run?

Freed to Run 4.0 is a 6 marathons in 6 days point-to-point relay – with teams covering the distance, taking turns throughout the day. While each team member is running their section of the course, their teammates will shuttle ahead via transportation provided by Elite Parking to the next relay checkpoint and await their approaching team member.

Freed to Run donations will go to the JALA Endowment for the Northeast Florida Medical Legal Partnership. The Baptist Health Foundation will match all donations by 125%.

Relay Teams along with the marathon leg they are running are listed under the Sponsors page.  You may also donate/support a relay team by selecting any of the teams on this page.

We encourage teams and supporters to engage in social media to raise awareness of our Northeast Florida Medical Legal Partnership and the efforts of Freed to Run.  Please view our Freed to Run Social Media Guide and see how you can help increase engagement.

  1. What social distancing precautions are in place for this year's event?
    Running 6 marathons in 6 days, with a limited number of participants each day, Freed to Run allows for all participants to adequately social distance.
    1. Shuttle bus transportation to the start line each day will be at 50% capacity (extra buses will be added if needed)
    2. Temperatures will be checked upon boarding the shuttle.
    3.  Masks must be worn when riding the shuttle.
    4. Hand Sanitizer will be available on the shuttle.
    5. Teams may drive themselves to the start line each day and avoid riding the shuttle.
  2. What about a virtual run option?
    We encourage anyone who wants to participate "virtually" to do so.  You may run your leg of the marathon anywhere - on a treadmill, in your neighborhood, on a track, etc.  Just sign-up for the day you and/or your team would like to run so that you can fundraise.  On the day of your run please email us your photos or post on social media with #freedtorun.
  3. If I field a team, would that team would run 6 marathons in 6 days?
    Nope.  The only commitment/expectation is that the team relay run one day.  We are looking for 18 teams total, each to run one day.  Three teams per day, plus Mike Freed.  The option will be available for each group to join Mike Freed for the 5k finish from Beaver street to the Duval Courthouse on Saturday, November 21, 2020.
  4. Is there a max number of team members?
    Most teams are around 10 runners each. Some are less and with those teams, each runner will run more. We have had one person teams–they had to run a full marathon! While teams are welcome to have more than 10 members, we encourage teams to consider transportation needs as space is limited to 30 runners per day.
  5. The transportation is for each runner to get to the next spot to run during the day?
    The transportation will take runners from the Duval Courthouse early each morning to the start location for that day.  Then, the first runner for each team will be dropped off at the start and the bus will take everyone else to meet the first runner about 2.6 miles down the road.  That process will repeat for 26.2 miles, after which all runners will be bussed back to the Duval courthouse.  Pretty cool, huh?
  6. Are there only set points for changing runners or can some people run longer and some shorter?
    Teams are free to allocate the runners and distances as they see fit. This is a friendly “competition.” So, flexibility is key. Whatever works for the team works for us. In fact, teams are welcome to have multiple runners run simultaneously to pace and encourage each other.
  7. Is Mike Freed running 6 marathons again?
    That’s the plan.
  8. Hotel accomodations—do you have a hotel for each night you are recommending? 
    Hotel accommodations will not be necessary since transportation will be provided to and from the start locations.
  9. To get there for Day 1, is there transportation over there or is it get to there on your own?
    See #3 above.
  10. The 10k number is a goal, but if I was to field a team and we came in under that amount, would that still be ok or would you prefer to make sure the entire team as a whole raises 10k or more?
    If you field a team and are willing to run for a day and make an effort to raise meaningful support, then it’s worth having your teams on the bus that day.
    Our goals are to 1.) Bring greater awareness to the cause and 2.) Broaden the fundraising endeavor to achieve the goal of  $1 Million over 5 years; to realize the $1,1250,000 Baptist Health Foundation match.
  11. How do we engage our friends and peers in social media?
    JALA communications has put together a
    Freed to Run Social Media Guide that takes the guesswork out of social media promotions.