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Friends enrich our lives with meaning, balance and fun. Some friends we’ve connected with over shared interests, or as roommates, classmates, or co-workers. There are those we see daily, and those we may not see often at all, but who are just a phone call away when we need them. 

Here at The Arc Baltimore, we believe so strongly in the value of “meaningful relationships”, that it’s written into our mission statement.

Those we support with disabilities at The Arc need some practical support to develop and maintain these friendships - whether it’s transportation to meet up at a favorite bike riding trail or arrangements and the right support to get to a museum, a restaurant, bowling league, church service, or even to vacation together.

Your contribution directly funds the vital services that The Arc Baltimore provides to support adults with developmental disabilities at home, at work and in their respective communities. Please give your most generous gift – or set-up a personal fundraising page here on the site; invite others to join you in ensuring that all people with disabilities can experience the friendships that make life richer.

Friendships We Treasure

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