Getting Involved

Besides donating directly to our campaign, there are many other ways to raise funds towards Independence360's expansion:

  • Reach out to your employee to match your donation or see if your company can make their own corporate gift.
  • Host an event! This could be a dinner party, jewelry fundraiser, charity workout class or cut-a-thon, just to name a few!
    • If you make it a Facebook event, we can share it on our social media!
  • Create a Facebook Fundraiser for the campaign through this link at
  • Do you know of a one-of-a-kind experience we could auction off? Contact us and we will auction it off using Charitybuzz.
    • Examples include: lunch with a celebrity or CEO of a company, backstage or VIP tickets to a sporting event or show.
  • Share our campaign on social media! The more people hear about it, the more will get involved. Help us share stories and messages to spread the word about our campaign. Don’t forget to use our hashtag #strengtheningtheconnection
  • JUST ASK! Share why this campaign means something to you to your network of support.
  • Request information and/or paper material. We can supply you with brochures and written materials to help spread the word.


The Development Department at Spectrum360 is here to help answer any of your questions and assist you in your efforts to raise money and awareness about our campaign.

Please feel free to reach out to Kerry Guzman to discuss hosting an event at or 973-509-3050 x237.

Joining the Capital Campaign Committee

Committee Goals:

The Campaign Committee consists of capable and knowledgeable people who will assist Spectrum360 in identifying, cultivating and soliciting businesses and business-related foundations that may be able and willing to make contributions to the campaign. The financial goal of this committee is $500,000.

Time Commitment

  • The committee will be active from July 1, 2019 through March 1, 2019. (9 months)
  • 1-2 hours per month for meetings.
  • 2-4 hours monthly for phone calls/personal meetings with prospective donors and attending cultivation and/or celebration events.

 Join As a Leader in the Campaign

  • Participate in campaign meetings to include planning and implementing campaign activities and events.
  • Meeting with prospects and donors to inform and engage
  • If you are comfortable, asking donors for financial gifts
  • Thanking donors and helping to celebrate
  • Participating in various campaign related events

Provide Assistance in Major Donor Prospect Identification

  • Help review lists and brainstorm on who in our community has the interest and capacity to make a campaign gift.
  • This will be achieved by raising awareness and understanding of critical need to motivate others to provide resources. 

Other Responsibilities

  • Provide timely and clear input, direction and approval regarding all aspects of campaign planning, campaign policies, and solicitation and recognition strategies.
  • Identify prospective donors from our community.
  • Recruit a host for a cultivation event, and/or consider hosting such an event
  • Make your own gift.
  • If willing, become solicitor for gifts.
  • Operate as a member of the team and celebrate each other’s success.
  • Raise philanthropy and donor stewardship to new levels of importance and integrity for our organization.

We will provide staff support to ensure your success as a committee member. You can seek additional information or join the Campaign Committee by emailing