Welcome to the Auction

Welcome to Art in the Round's online bidding site! We selected 50 pieces from nearly 150 submissions. The good news with a virtual event is you will be able to bid from wherever you are. With every art purchase, 60% of the proceeds go directly to the artist.

Registering to Bid

  • If you have already registered to bid, login in the top right hand corner or on the Givi app
  • Click "Register to Bid" and follow the prompts
  • Once completed there you will be given a "Ticket Code".  Record this information, you will need it to bid
  • Once Ticket Code is received, download the Givi app if you wish to bid on your mobile device. (You can also bid on the Givi website, click the Qgiv logo at the bottom)
  • Open the Givi app and enter your ticket code
  • Create a password for your Givi account
  • The Givi app does require you to enter a credit card payment method to complete your profile to be able to bid
  • Once you are registered for both, you can bid on your mobile device or the online site, you just need you username and password to log in

How to Guides

In addition to the the video tutorials, you can use these guides to help you with the registration process as well as navigating through the web based auction or the Givi app auction.

Web Based Navigation for Attendees

Givi Based Navigation for Attendees

How to Register to Bid & More

Entering a Ticket Code on the Web

Givi Auction App Overview