Fundraising: grab the bull by the horns and make your efforts count!

Get Gored For Good is a fun way to raise money and ensure that Amos House’s life- and community-changing programs continue and grow as we pursue our mission to improve the opportunities available to Rhode Island’s hungry, unemployed, underemployed, and homeless populations. With a host of programs that feed over 800 individuals daily, provide transitional housing and recovery assistance, connect people with job training and financial literacy skills, and offer prescription medicine and utility relief to thousands over the course of each year, every dollar you raise will help change a life.

Whether you’re an experienced fundraiser or this is your first peer-to-peer fundraising effort, we want to support your success and help make it FUN. You can always contact event coordinator Kim Soltero at with any questions, concerns, or great ideas you want to share!

Here are a few simple fundraising ideas that can add up fast:

  • Create a personal challenge: take a polar plunge! grow a mustache! set up a Lego “firewalk”!
  • Hold a bake sale, yard sale, car wash, or host a game night.
  • Set up a social media fundraiser for your birthday, to honor someone special … or just because.
  • Ask your company’s charitable giving officer to sponsor your / your team’s run.
  • If you know someone with a small business, ask if you can work together to create a small event where you bring in customers in return for portion of their proceeds—everyone wins!
  • Ask friends, family, or co-workers to set aside the money they spend on small expenses (such as coffee or a lunch out) for a week and donate what they save.

However you decide to fundraise, set your goal early and share your progress with friends, along with your personal reasons for supporting the Amos House mission!