Carlos's homelesness fundraiser!

Why I am fundraising

Personally i've been really passionate about the current homelessness crisis that we have in the US. We live in a world where starvation level poverty can exist not just in a far distant sore but right in cities like new york, seattle, and LA which are forerunners in global innovation. This issue has been going for far too long and its time that the younger generations get involved in finding a solution to this issue. Its not fair to have our prisoners have three meals a day and a roof over their head when veterans are dying on the side of the street. Enough with the misconceptions that the homeless are any less than human because everyone can be put into a situation where they can't afford to live in the current system. Its because of this that I want to raise money. To give people the chance to get back on their feet and improve. And selfishly because i would want some random kid to do it for me if I was down on my luck. 





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