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Children growing up in orphanages — whether they be government or private ones do not get the care they need. Research proves that without individual care, attention and stimulation, children’s brains and neurological systems do not develop normally. They develop learning disabilities, have growth delays and diminished intellectual capacities. Additionally, many struggle with the psychological trauma of losing their parents and the neglect or abuse that led to that horrible end.

Children in orphanages and foster care are overlooked and forgotten. While some governments, like the US, “keep track of their own, no international government agency globally monitors children living in orphanages or foster care.” And no organization holds governments accountable for moving children out of orphanages and into permanent family care. In situations where children are adopted — either internationally or domestically — the older kids are frequently not considered.

Recovery is possible.

The sooner the better.

With family support, most of these children can lead happy, productive lives. Many will have some lasting damage — learning challenges, emotional problems — but with the help of patient, compassionate parents they can learn and succeed.

They have tremendous ability to be contributing members of society.

This is the work of Kidsave — to create change so forgotten orphanage and foster kids are found — and connected to families and caring adults.

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