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Thank you for visiting our Team Fundraising Page! Whether it's a friend, a family member, or neighbor down the street, we almost all know someone with Down syndrome. Like us, many of you have been personally touched by the lives of these individuals. We're proud to be part of the Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin's Annual Awareness Walk because it means so much to us and to our family.

People with Down syndrome are more LIKE the rest of us than they are different. They have feelings, talents and dreams just like everyone. They deserve to be accepted and appreciated for who they are and what they contribute to our lives and our communities.

Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support our fundraising efforts. You can make your tax-deductible donation online, or if you would prefer, you can bring your contribution to the walk.  Make checks payable to DSAW-COTH-GLA and be sure to write our team name on the memo line so that we get credit for the donation!  Whatever you can give will help - it all adds up! To sponsor us simply press Donate now.

Please also join us on Saturday, September 14, 2019 at the Onalaska Omni Center and walk with us as part of our team. It's an incredible day of celebration with family, friends and people who, like you, want to raise awareness, raise funds, and raise the hope of a better world for all people with Down syndrome. With your support and involvement, our goals of acceptance, inclusion and empowerment will become a reality!

To join our team simply click Join Our Team.

Many thanks for your support -- and PLEASE don't forget to forward this to your entire address book and anyone else who you think might want to donate and register to walk as part of our Team.

Our Team

  • Paul Freit Paul Freit Team Captain $120.00
  • Suzanne Wolf Suzanne Wolf $50.00
  • Berdine Freit Berdine Freit $50.00
  • Kelli Laufenberg Kelli Laufenberg $40.00
  • Amanda O'Heron Amanda O'Heron $5.00
  • Jaymeson Freit Jaymeson Freit
  • Jaclynn Freit Jaclynn Freit
  • Joeryn Freit Joeryn Freit
  • Jaxon Freit Jaxon Freit
  • Brenda Freit Brenda Freit
  • Tonia Kaiser Tonia Kaiser
  • Megan Denzer Megan Denzer
  • Melanie Horstman Melanie Horstman
  • Brian Horstman Brian Horstman
  • Gunnar Horstman Gunnar Horstman
  • Ashley Olson Ashley Olson
  • Katie Horstman Katie Horstman
  • Morgan Meyerson Morgan Meyerson
  • Hallie Horstman Hallie Horstman
  • Rebecca Gollnick Rebecca Gollnick
  • Kimmi and Rick Muellenberg Kimmi and Rick Muellenberg
  • Kenli Gollnick Kenli Gollnick
  • Josh Chaplin Josh Chaplin
  • Holly Jenks Holly Jenks
  • Keshia Mashak Keshia Mashak
  • Alex Mashak Alex Mashak
  • Savanna Jackson Savanna Jackson
  • Paige Anderson Paige Anderson
  • Thomas Anderson Thomas Anderson
  • Maly Anderson Maly Anderson
  • Jeri Wittmershaus Jeri Wittmershaus
  • Sam Wittmershaus Sam Wittmershaus
  • Colleen Kaiser Colleen Kaiser
  • Staci Tenner Staci Tenner
  • Paul Wittmershaus Paul Wittmershaus
  • Randy S or Staci Tenner Randy S or Staci Tenner
  • Roxanne Kravik Roxanne Kravik
  • Kevin Kravik Kevin Kravik
  • Kellen Kravik Kellen Kravik
  • Karri Bjornstad Karri Bjornstad
  • Jaime Fortier Jaime Fortier
  • Alea Fortier Alea Fortier
  • Emma Fortier Emma Fortier
  • Kaleb Wolf Kaleb Wolf
  • Ezra O’Heron Ezra O’Heron
  • Konnor Wolf Konnor Wolf
  • Marlayna O’Heron Marlayna O’Heron
  • Maddox Laufenberg Maddox Laufenberg
  • Myra O’Heron Myra O’Heron
  • Mike Wolf Mike Wolf
  • Jordan Laufenberg Jordan Laufenberg
  • Sara Horstman Sara Horstman
  • Bryant Horstman Bryant Horstman
  • Amelia Kay Horstman Amelia Kay Horstman





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  • Dee Langrehr September 2019
  • Suzanne Wolf September 2019 $50.00
  • Anonymous September 2019
  • Colleen Kaiser September 2019 $25.00
  • Candy Skala Go team! September 2019 $25.00
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  • Matching donation September 2019 $245.00
  • Matching Donation September 2019 $120.00
  • Mary Jo & Corne Klos We love you Jax!! August 2019 $105.00
  • Staci Tenner August 2019 $52.50
  • Suzanne Wolf September 2019 $50.00
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