Help us Build Homes with Families where most needed.

Just because we can't travel doesn't mean we can't make a difference

At this time when travel is not possible, we can still make a difference by sponsoring the home of a family in need. Local Fuller Center leaders will oversee the work and build the homes using the sweat equity of the families and other local labor.

Globally, houses of mud walls and floors combined with poor sanitation create an environment for life-threatening diseases like Chagas, severe diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, and malaria. Diarrhea alone claims the lives of more than 800,000 children every year (Source: CDC). The work of The Fuller Center for Housing seeks to address these issues. 

It saddens us not to be able to take a trip, but that's not nearly as bad as the thought that families will no longer have the opportunity to have a decent place to live. Please join us in our unrelenting quest to have families have a decent place in which to call home! 

We are lucky to reading this today and I can't wait to make a difference from my home and in my community by being active and keeping myself healthy.  

Together as a team lets make a huge difference.  Making a difference is not just raising money.  Yes that is important.  But not all of us can do that.  Being active in our communties can help spread awarness for the need for affordable housing as well.  

Megan has done a few Fuller Center for Biking Adventure trips over the years and fallen in love with the non profit.  She also has a huge spot in her heart for fitness and not just biking.  This is being active.  Not just biking.  Hooray!  A facebook group has been created for all the participiants by the Fuller Center and also a private one for just our team.  Please reach out to Megan East for any information.  I think we all can donate a few miles to a great cause and or a few dollars.  Better together.  


We love our sponsors!

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