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Many of you are probably already familiar with our twice weekly Hot Meal program. What you may not know is that, currently, about 380 meals go out on both Tuesdays and Thursdays!

380 x 2 times a week x 52 weeks = 39,520 meals a year

Thanks to awesome community support from our 2018 Go Green campaign, we were able to purchase the full complement of containers needed last year!

BUT - the need has increased! We have added on 40 additional meals each Tuesday and Thursday since last year, with requests rapidly on the rise. Just 10 years ago, a little more than 100 clients received hot meals. Today, that has more the tripled. As our clients age in place, their needs continue to grow. Serving them in this way, while respecting our environment is a win-win for everyone. Investing in VISTE’s programs is an investment in your community!

Please consider helping us today. We need to reach our $3,000 goal in order to purchase the additional 600 containers we need to keep them in rotation so that each client is served a green container each delivery.


Donate $5 towards the purchase of a new green container. At the end of the campaign, the George Jenkins Foundation will match every donation made for the containers to fill them with a hot meal!

Donate $5. Feed a client. Impact the planet. What's not to love about that?





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