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My name is Amanda Lucas. My family is affected by a rare and life threatening bleeding disorder, Hemophilia A. I have 3 amazing children. My son Nicholas is 19 years old and has Severe Hemophilia A. My daughter Makenna is 14 and my youngest daughter Haylee is 5. Both my girls are symptomatic carriers, they have mild hemophilia. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

I am taking part in this challenge because I know the what a difference we will be making in the lives of  people with bleeding disorders. As parents, we want nothing more than our children to be safe and healthy. I know the challenges and worries of raising a child with a severe bleeding disorder. We are so blessed having access to life saving medication and it isn't fair that others have to go without. Having access to medication helps to save a person's joints from a debilitating bleed, which can save their future mobility or it can even save a person's life from internal bleeding. Having medication makes all the difference in their quality of life. 

With your donation we can and will help to change the course of someone's life!

Thank you for believing in me and supporting me in doing great things for the lives of others! 


Save One Life improves the quality of life and future for people with bleeding disorders in developing countries through direct financial assistance. 

Save One Life is the only organization of its kind. We directly provide people with the resources they need to lead independent and healthy lives. 


Why Support Save One Life?

We are a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization 
We work in 13 countries 
We collaborate with over 50 local patient organizations 
We have provided assistance to over 2,100 beneficiaries 
We have sent over $3 million in direct aid 






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