Watch this video to see the Compassionate Care Fund in action, told by radiation oncologist Dr. Brendan Prendergast.

Compassionate Care Fund: Transported Susan to Recovery (Literally)

Recently, Susan* who was receiving radiation treatment at Health First Cancer Institute (HFCI), called the office to cancel her appointment. The Health First associate who spoke with her offer to reschedule her appointment, but Susan declined. When asked why she wanted to discontinue treatment, Susan shared that it wasn't that she didn't want to continue treatment - it was that she was tired (from treatment and illness) and couldn't tolerate the three-hour bus ride to get to treatment. Now you might be thinking, "My goodness, where does she live?" The answer is less than three miles from the center.

Tracey Vega, Practice Manager at HFCI, immediately jumped into action and called the Health First Foundation to see how we might be able to help. Introducing the Compassionate Care Fund. Tracey walked Susan through the financial eligibility process and was able to secure transportation assistance for Susan to and from her appointments. 

"The best news," Tracey shared, "is that Susan has now completed her treatments and is doing very well." She added, "I know she appreciated everything that the Foundation did for her, as do we!" Removing some of the simplest barriers can mean years of improved quality of life and a vast reduction in the long-term costs of care. 

The Compassionate Care Fund depends upon the generosity of individuals who understand that a little compassion goes a long way.





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