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Why is Children Rising important to you? Tell your story here! Your supporters want to know about you and why you’re fundraising for the vulnerable children right here in our community.

Together, one child at a time, we can make a generational change in our community - nurturing and equipping vulnerable children to rise above challenges created by generations of poverty, violence, and educational inequity. 

Due to the COVID – 19 pandemic, these children will need all of us more than ever when school starts again next year. They will have missed 1/3 of this school year, and many do not have access to technology for supporting the home curriculum being provided by the schools. These vulnerable children are falling further and further behind, and we must all do everything we can to help them recover as quickly as possible. 

When schools closed on March 13, 400 children were being given the gift of foundational learning, improved self-confidence, and the sense of hope that always follows. Those same children are no longer in school and their families have been financially devastated by the pandemic. 

As you know, there is tremendous disparity of opportunity and it starts in elementary school for children of color attending public schools in our lowest income areas. Children Rising, an Oakland nonprofit, enables members of the community to help these children catch-up academically, while empowering them with confidence and hope for the future. They are consistently transforming lives year after year, helping to reduce the achievement gap so prevalent in these low-income areas.

Please join me as we all work together to help these children recover and  empower many more of Oakland’s most vulnerable children to rise to their potential!

My new goal is to raise $1,500, which will provide a full year of 1:1 academic tutoring and personal attention for 3 struggling but extremely capable elementary school children

I'm going to complete 20 5K's for the children througout this campaign (briskly  walking :) ). Will you support me or register to join our team today?





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My Supporters

  • Jaclyn Tom Keep up the great work! May 2020 $50.00
  • Ryan Hutson :) May 2020
  • Carrie Wambach I love you dad!! You are doing an amazing thing May 2020 $250.00
  • Anonymous I applaud the excellent work and efforts of my best friend.....Jim Wambach May 2020
  • Richard Hopper May 2020 $25.00
  • Brett Bartscherer Hey Uncle Jim - We are cheering for you! April 2020 $500.00
  • Carrie Wambach I love you dad!! You are doing an amazing thing May 2020 $250.00
  • Chris Nichols April 2020 $250.00
  • Holly Bartscherer April 2020 $100.00
  • Edd McKibben Very glad to help! April 2020 $100.00