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Meet the Missionary - Samuel Maranzano

Hello Everyone!

I'm Sam Maranzano, a missionary from Hard As Nails Ministries, and I'm so excited to share this extrodinary experience with you all! And I am also excited to be back, for it is my second year as a missionary, and which I was asked back from the ministry to help serve for the 2021 - 2022 year.

My first year as a missionary was nothing short of incredible, and I wasted no time in agreeing to return. I experienced so much happiness, joy, and growth through my time. I got to travel across the country and meet so many new faces. I gained invaluble experience of working and social skills. And I formed a strong community of missionary teammates that I will never forget.

However, most importantly, my faith was what truly grew the most over my previous year. Coming in as a Catholic who was simply going through the motions of his faith, jumping into the radical life as a missionary helped me to grow in virtue, such as selflessness, courage,  and especially humility. And I learned to embrace my suffering as a gift from God, and saw how surrendering to The Lord's plan will always be beneficial for us in the end, even if it hurts. 

As a result, I cannot be anymore thankful of the awesome experiences I had over the past year, and I cannot wait for what new experiences lie in wait for the upcoming year. There are so many opportunities waiting for me to spread the Gospel, care for others, and share the minstry's goal of awakening the world to the power of God's Love through making a world where no one suffers alone! 

Now to do this, I need your help! Hard As Nails Ministries is a non-profit organization, and in order for the ministry to pay for our expenses, such as travel costs, living space and facilities, or fuel for cars, they ask that we fundraise $10,000 throughout our year.

Every contribution helps, and not for my benefit, but for the selfless and faith-driven mission of the minsitry. I encourage you to please support me as much as you can by becoming a monthly donor. I can easily reach my goal by 10 donors at $100 a month, 20 donors at $50 a month, or 40 donors at $25 a month. 

This support is so incredible, and it allows me to do things I would have never dreamed of, such as going to going to New York City and Flordia to encourage and bring joy back to so many kids struggling with the difficulties of the Covid-19 Pandemic! 

I would like to thank you all so much for supporting me and allowing me to have this invaluble experience again. If you do decide to donate, I'd wish to stay in touch with you throughout this year, to encourage you and keep you updated in what the ministry is doing and has done thanks to your help. 

Again, I would like to say thank you, and to let you know that I will be praying for you all! 





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