Become a Harvest Hopper!

Become a Harvest Hopper!

Help Raise Funds for Children with Autism by Becoming a Harvest Hopper on Facebook!

Whether you’re joining us for our Harvest Hop on November 5th or not, you can help make this event even more successful by raising needed funding for Spectrum Services, and creating your own fundraiser on Facebook, thus becoming a Harvest Hopper.

It’s as easy as A, B, and C

A) First, log into your Facebook page, find on the upper right of your page the white, downward arrow that clicks your pages drop-down box. In that, you’ll see “Create Fundraiser,” and click on that to bring up the Create a Fundraiser pop-up box, and then click “Get Started.”

B) On the next box, you’ll be given options on who you’re raising funds for, from which you’ll click the middle option for Nonprofit, which opens a box allowing you to select which nonprofit. In the textbox up top, type “Center for Spectrum Services,” which should display the Spectrum Services fundraising option. Click that, and follow the rest of the set up instructions for your goal and duration of your fundraiser.

C) That opens the “Tell your story” box, where you can tell your friends you’re raising funds to help support Spectrum Services, a school for children on the autism spectrum. Then, simply click “Create” to start your fundraising.

What Next?

Then, share with all your Facebook friends on your page, or if you know friends who might be more responsive to a Facebook message, you can send it to them that way, too.

How it Works

Each time a friend makes a donation to your fundraiser, the donation goes to Facebook’s Spectrum Services fundraising account, and then transferred to Spectrum Services, where it is then used to support our life-changing programs for children with autism.

Donate an Auction Item

Help Support Our Harvest Hop Fundraiser, Arrange an
Auction Item Donation!

We invite you to join us in helping support Hudson Valley children with autism by donating an item, service, gift basket, or gift certificate for our auction. You can also help by arranging an auction item from businesses, stores, and restaurants you and your family use.

The Harvest Hop takes place on November 5th at the Wiltwyck Golf Club in Kingston. This fundraiser will help raise needed funding for programs and services for students at Spectrum Services, all of whom have been diagnosed with autism.

As a nonprofit, we always have a budget gap between what we receive from state and local governments, and the costs needed to run our very successful programs and services for children with autism. The funds raised support the very programs and services that allow us to continue doing the life-changing work we do for local children on the autism spectrum.

Center for Spectrum Services is a 401(c)3 nonprofit, and your donated item is tax deductible as allowed by law. Our IRS tax ID number is 14-1604884. Further, we supply letters of donations that you can use for tax deduction purposes that you’ll receive after the event.

Click Here for our Auction Donation form