Capital Campaign - The Hotel for Homeless Dogs II


The Hotel II

We all LOVE The Hotel, but we have very sadly outgrown the space. With only 17 dog suites and no room for the much-needed homeless cat population, there is no question, we need a larger facility. We are contacted daily from shelters who need our help. We have the means to save these dogs. The systems are in place and the adopters are here. We also have a 225-person volunteer team. Some days, we have more volunteers than we do dogs. We have all the tools in place to save more lives, we just lack the physical space. A larger facility means more lives can be saved. As we sit here, only 52% of all the shelters in the US are no-kill.

Our new facility will offer triple the amount of dog suites as well as a state-of-the-art cat sanctuary. We will have multiple indoor play spaces and social rooms where our volunteers can come in and spend time with a homeless dog. The new Hotel will offer a much-needed low-cost vet clinic. The vet clinic will include an indoor/outdoor garden where families can say goodbye to their beloved pet. Affordable euthanasia is an issue for pet owners even here in Rhode Island. This is a service we will now be able to provide. 

In addition, there will be more outdoor play space and an indoor pool for those cold New England winters. 

The Hotel for Military Mutts is a new program that we are so excited to implement at our new facility. The program will offer an entire wing dedicated to the service men and women overseas. We will house their pups at no cost to them until they are back home here in the states. At the Hotel, we appreciate the sacrifices of these brave men and women. Their beloved pets should not be part of that sacrifice. Your support will help us make The Hotel for Military Mutts a reality. 





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How Can You Help?

  • DONATE: The easiest and most direct way of supporting this campaign is to donate through this page. 

  • BECOME A HUMANE HERO: Recognizing that many caring people may not have the capacity to make a sizable gift at any one time, we suggest the alternative of making a smaller gift monthly. You can be a Humane Hero for just $19.00 a month. 

  • MATCHING GIFTS: Many corporate employers will match their employees’ gift to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. If your company has such a program, please request their matching gift form, and send the completed form to us.

  • GIFTS OF STOCK: Avoid capital gains through a gift of highly appreciated stock, while taking a full-value deduction on your tax returns.

  • SPONSOR A SUITE: Please see our website to sponsor a suite in honor of a loved one, both two legged and four. 

  • QUALIFIED CHARITABLE DISTRIBUTIONS: If you’re over age 70½, you can meet the required minimum distribution from your IRA by making a qualified charitable distribution of up to $100,000 per year; you’ll also lessen your taxable income.