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GFCC Hunger Crushers!

The GFCC Hunger Crushers is the team for the GFCC (Griffith First Christian Church) Ministry Center of New Elliott. Every dollar donated to the Hunger Crushers gets credited to our account at the Food Bank of NWI. This will enable us to purchase food at a discounted rate in 2021. The more donations we receive, the more food we can buy. For example, we can buy 100 pounds of meat for about $10.00! Isn't that amazing! We give out about 45 pounds of food per family twice per month to approximately 90-100 families. That's a total of nearly 10,000 pounds of food every month! Incredible! It's all because of the generosity of people like you! So please consider how you can partner with the GFCC Hunger Crushers to crush hunger in NWI! Thanks!

PS - If you would like to join the Hunger Crushers, please click the link to the right and let us know you want to crush hunger in NWI with us!





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Our Supporters

  • Chris Gleim October 2020 $42.00
  • Chris Gleim October 2020 $42.00
  • Chris Gleim October 2020 $42.00
  • Chris Gleim October 2020 $42.00
  • Chris Gleim October 2020 $42.00
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  • Chris Gleim September 2020 $320.00
  • Kelli Cornett-Independent Color Street Director September 2020 $300.00
  • Chuck & Sheila St. Amour September 2020 $206.00
  • Anonymous September 2020 $140.00
  • Matthew Cornett September 2020 $103.00
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