illumination 2023

In the darkest hour of the middle ages, when famine and plague and war had brought many people groups and budding nations to their lowest point, a Latin phrase, born out of Christian hope, emerged. Post Tenebras Lux: After darkness, Light. This phrase would be the heart’s rallying cry towards the deeper truth that God is always working to bring about the restoration of His created world. Always. The Habersham School is built around this mission, and illumination is our annual event where we gather with new and old friends to celebrate this deeper truth.

Together with exceptional food and drink as well as fantastic raffle items, illumination gives the Habersham community and its friends an opportunity to relax outside in the midst of an early autumn evening and be a part of promoting the work being done through the school towards the mission of restoration. We hope you will join us this year!

All contributions to illumination support The Habersham School Annual Fund – the Habersham Fund, providing funding to mission enhancements that directly impact our students.

About The Habersham School

Since our foundation in 2012, we have partnered with parents to educate children not simply to one day gain admittance to the best college, but to equip them for life, helping them discover who God made them to be. We work continually to restore the humanity of each child entrusted to us, as God works to restore his creation. Thus, our mission is partnering with God as His servants in seeking the restoration of His image in our students through education.

Our vision is based on the time-honored tradition of Classical education, where students are taught to question, to investigate, and to dialogue, combined with an unapologetic commitment to the truth of Christ. Habersham emphasizes the great works of literature, the great discoveries of math and science, and the great ideas and figures of Western civilization, combined with a disciplined study of classical languages, thereby training students how to learn so they retain their love of learning.

We recognize the years of school life of children are a humbling opportunity to make a profound impact. Not only are students developing cognitively and physically, but they are forming lifelong spiritual and character habits as well. Their view of the world, their answers to life’s questions, and their view of the good life all take shape during these formative years at school. We seek to mold and shape both academic and spiritual formation in an integrated way. Cultivating a love of learning, equipping students to learn well, and grounding instruction in Christian orthodoxy and devotion.

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