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IRAISE for Addressing Drought for Families in Pakistan

Aiding communities suffering from drought in Pakistan and providing resources for severe flooding in climate change

The Balochistan Province in Pakistan has experienced severe water shortages in the last few years. In this province the need for water is much more critical than in many other places. There, 50% of the area’s crops are maintained through a flooding and water capturing process. For years now, due to climate change, they have had less and less water to capture. 

Without immediate help from donors like you, developing new pathways to bring water to suffering residents may not happen. 

The Power of You

The All-Powerful, Allah (SWT), has put power and opportunity in your hands and in your heart to give charity through IRUSA, and to support efforts for our sisters and brothers in need. Here are just some of the ways your donations through IRUSA can be powerful for this project:

$50 can support water access for a community member

$125 can help ensure the rehabilitation of malfunctioning water systems

$200  can support the construction of new water tanks

So, will you use your God-given power to help those in need? Say “YES!,” and click DONATE NOW or BECOME A FUNDRAISER to get started. You can either donate directly to this effort, or start a fundraising page to harness the power of your community to raise more awareness and support for this program. 

IRUSA Program helping to support communities impacted by drought in Pakistan

To bring the priceless resource of water to thousands of residents of the Balochistan Province in Pakistan, we are partnering with local communities to find innovative ways to make it available. The project will focus on sustainable methods and education for those affected. 

We are working to eliminate the crippling recurrences of gross water shortages. Many area residents will be equipped to manage crop loss and livestock shortages that often occur when droughts take hold. 

Here are just some of the interventions we are working on:

  • Providing drought Resistant Seeds  for farming

  • Administering Agriculture Management Training (AMT)

  • Improving Fish farming in Already Existing Ponds

  • Building Water Channels (to control water losses)

  • Distributing new water pipes

  • Constructiing of Water Reservoirs

  • Inputting Solid waste disposal system (Recycling system)

  • Facilitating Awareness Session(s) with Youth on Impact of Climate Change

What happens when you join the fundraising movement?

When you make the decision to fundraise for the effort, you harness humanitarian power to make a real IMPACT, and that is priceless! By fundraising, you make it possible to meet the needs of more families who are waiting for us to lend a helping hand.

And if you're reading this message, it's because you know you want to go farther and do more. 

So, let’s get to it! Just scroll to the top of the page and click "Become a Fundraiser" to set up your page. Follow the prompts to complete your page.
When you’re trying to decide on a fundraising goal, just remember: Every donation counts! Every single donation that comes through your effort, whether small or large, means another person will be served in greater ways. So aim high, and keep pushing. 
Once your page is set, you can start promoting it to your friends and family, using emails, social media, text messaging, Whatsapp … whatever way you prefer to communicate. 

If you have any questions, email IRUSA Engagement Specialist Salman Zaman at szaman@irusa.org for support. 

Most of all, remember to harness the power of you to see this through. 

May Allah (swt) reward all of your efforts - AMEEN!


"The best among you are those who bring greatest benefits to many others"

Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him).