Help me change a women's life in the West Bank and Gaza

Women in the West Bank and Gaza are struggling to break free from economic and social instability





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IRaise for Palestine: Women Can

Women in Palestine need access to resources in face of economic, social, and political instability. 

Women in the West Bank and Gaza are struggling to break free from economic and social instability. Many women find themselves struggling to take care of their families in light of their husbands deaths or inability to continue to work due to illnesses. 87% of women-headed families are not “economically active” and are identified as one of the most vulnerable groups.

The Power of You

he All-Powerful, Allah (SWT), has put power and opportunity in your hands and in your heart to give charity through IRUSA, and to support efforts for our sisters and brothers in need. Here are just some of the ways your donations through IRUSA can be powerful for this project:

$25 can help provide agricultural training for women-owned businesses in Palestine

$250 can deliver entrepreneurial training so a woman can start her own business 

$1,000 can set the foundation for a woman-lead business to grow

So, will you use your God-given power to help those in need? Say “YES!,” and click DONATE NOW or BECOME A FUNDRAISER to get started. You can either donate directly to this effort, or start a fundraising page to harness the power of your community to raise more awareness and support for this program. 

IRUSA program aims to economically and socially empower women-headed households in the West Bank and Gaza to improve their family income.

These women will be given access to the skills and materials they need to start their own businesses. Women are provided empowerment and business training, COVID-19 safety education, social and mental health support, and skills training in their respective fields of interest. Through ongoing mentoring, participants have been building new businesses and/or furthering their success in ones they already have. Women supported through this program have received agricultural training as well as business training for independently-owned shops, catering businesses, restaurants, sewing businesses, hair salons, and photography businesses.

Here are just some of the outcomes we are working on:

  • Mentorship for women so that they can determine the best business direction for themselves

  • Training and resource provisions to help them start their entrepreneurial journeys

  • Ongoing counseling and support as they build their business to help them navigate as necessary

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