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Focus on Chechnya

A history of war and continuous conflict has led to high unemployment and extreme poverty across Chechnya. With little effort towards reconstruction, the country is severely underdeveloped. Nearly 80% of the population is unemployed and they lack access to basic needs such as food, water, healthcare, and proper housing. On top of that, winters make the situation worse. 

We Need YOUR Help

Thanks to you, we’ve been able to accomplish so much. But there’s still so much more to do. By continuing to support our efforts in Chechnya, you can help make a difference in the lives of those in desperate need.

Islamic Relief’s Dedication to Chechnya

Islamic Relief was one of the first humanitarian organizations to respond to the needs on the ground during the conflicts in Chechnya. Since then, our focus has been on long-term development assistance to help vulnerable communities across the country. 


A few of our interventions include:

  • Sustainable livelihood support including vocational education for youth and business development for vulnerable families 
  • Orphan family support including financial assistance and the construction of a children’s center
  • Winter aid

What happens when you join the fundraising movement?

When you make the decision to help fundraise for the effort, you go beyond just thoughts and prayers. This increased IMPACT is priceless, because it means we’re able to meet more needs of those who are waiting for us to lend a helping hand.

And if you're reading this message, it's because you want to go beyond the call the duty. For you, it's not enough to just keep those children in your thoughts and prayer.  You want to double your impact by helping to sponsor these emergency efforts and helping deliver aid to those affected by creating a fundraising page. Get started by creating your page today!

We’re so glad you came. Just scroll to the top of the page and click "become a fundraiser" to setup your page and start promoting to your network via e-mail, social media, and your preferred messaging app. Even with a goal as small as $50, you can provide urgent food aid for families.

"The best among you are those who bring greatest benefits to many others"

Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him).

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