Tournament Rules


  • Each game will be 7 innings or 45 minutes in length. 


  • Maximum of 10 players on the field at once.
  • You can have more than 10 on your team roster though.
  • Teams must submit a lineup card to prevent players from kicking out of turn

Start of the Game:

  • Count starts 1 ball and 1 strike.

Game Play:

  • Pitcher must stay within 1 foot of the pitching rubber until the ball is kicked 
  • Leaving the base before the ball is kicked will result in an out 
  • A strike is any ball that is within 1 foot of home plate and is less than a foot off the ground.
  • A pitch thrown too fast or too bouncy will count as a ball (umpire’s discretion). 
    • Please do not make the games about speed, bounce, or spin of the pitches. Roll it in there like a little kid and have some fun!
  • Outs are just like in baseball, (not pitcher’s hand). You can hit the person with a ball between the bases as long as it is below the shoulders
  • Any headshots and the runner will be awarded the base. If the runner ducks into a ball and the ball strikes the runner’s head the runner is out (umpire discretion)
  • One base is allowed on an overthrow
  • You are able to tag up on a fly-ball


  • If a player is hit with a ball, that player is out and the play is stopped.
    • Any runners that were advancing to the next base will get to take that base, except if it is the 3rd out and then the inning is over.
    • If a runner crosses home plate before a player is hit with a ball for the 3rd out the run counts
  • Foul ball on your third strike and you are out
  • If you hit a foul ball on your third strike, you are out
  • If at any point in time the umpire or one of the charity coordinators feel that the teams playing have lost “the spirit of a charity event” the game will be called a tie at 9-9 regardless of the score. This will severely hurt both teams’ chances for the playoffs


  • NO BUNTING, for anyone
  • Kicker may not kick the ball until it comes within 2 feet of home plate. You know who you are!
  • You cannot advance on the bases once the pitcher has the ball near the pitching mound. If you are less than half way to the next base you must return to your previous base


  • No metal spikes or cleats are allowed. “Turf shoes” are allowed


  • The tiebreaker for the playoffs will be least amount of runs given up. Thus there is no advantage in running up the score on the opposition

Final Notes:

  • All calls made by the umps are final even if you don't like them and even if it doesn't seem to make any sense. This is a charity event and our umps are volunteers.  No arguing with the umps – any arguing will lead to ejection
  • A charity wrinkle is that teams are allowed to send a player from another team (or their own team if they are being bugged) to JAIL for up to 20 minutes for a $20 donation. $10/10 minute MINUMUM…after $10, its $1 per minute. The jailed player can bond him or herself out of jail for the amount of money that was spent to send them to jail

This is a charity event so any arguing with the ump will immediately lead to an ejection. Once again, these are volunteers – not professionals.