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Kid's RAAM 2021 Description

BENEFITING: Opportunity Early Childhood Education & Family Center

EVENT DATE: Friday, October 15, 2021

THE STORY: Kid’s RAAM was created by Opportunity in response to the cancellation of the 2020 Race Across America. RAAM is one of the most respected and longest running ultra-endurance events in the world, and our team, The Opportunists, donate all funds raised to Opportunity.  The June 2020 RAAM event was cancelled due to the pandemic.  We are using this new Kid’s RAAM event as a terrific learning experience for the children. We are thrilled the Opportunists are teaming with us to put together a children’s version of the Race Across America in Opportunity’s parking lot!

Our children will race on their tricycles through a much smaller version of the path through the 12 states.  The Opportunist team is working with our teachers to put together a lesson plan for the children to help them prepare for the relay race.  It includes the training and nutrition plans to get in shape to race, race strategy, what you need to do to support your racers, how many crew you need, how you switch riders during the race and where you eat, rest and sleep during the race.

Opportunity is a non-profit organization with an 80+ year history of serving the underserved and disadvantaged low income children and their families in this community.  Kid’s RAAM will be a chance for the children to have some fun and for their families and Opportunity supporters to cheer them on as they exercise all the knowledge they’ve learned emulating our Opportunists team.  Be part of the winner’s circle.  Donate today.

$1000 – One month’s tuition for one Opportunity Student

$500 – Classroom technology or Conscious Discipline Materials

$250 – Playground equipment, field trips, or STEAM supplies

$100 – Books, puzzles, or games

Recent Activity

RAAM Corporate Challenge

Our sponsors are going to ‘show us what they’ve got’… The RAAM Corporate Challenge 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

For the RAAM Corporate Challenge, two members of each organization will race against each other on the Kid’s RAAM track in Opportunity’s parking lot on tricycles. 

Please contact if you’re interested in a corporate sponsorship or participating in the RAAM Corporate Challenge.





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