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In 2021, LEAD Girls served 286 girls from 41 schools, including participation in LEAD leadership workshops that offered 15,000 support hours. Data from pre-and post-program surveys demonstrates the measurable impact we have: 95% of our girls are thinking about their future career/life and 94% are more motivated to do good things.

LEAD Girls is on a mission to advocate for girls in our community and continue to provide them with programming that truly changes their lives. LEAD Girls provides the tools and resources at-risk girls need to encourage self-awareness, leadership, communication, and self-sufficiency. Grounded in two decades of research, we use an evidence-based curriculum to help our girls thrive in a safe space where leadership, academic, and creativity skills, as well as emotional and personal development skills are taught.

This is our third year hosting our weeklong MOVEforHER event! We will be hosting three open to the public MOVEforHER active sessions hosted by local trainers with a special park pop up for our girls and families.

Together, with the Reynolds American Women’s Employee Resource Group we have engaged participants from all over the country to support LEAD and raise vital funds for our nonprofit.

Won’t you join us and #MOVEforHER?





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