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Mike and Kari were expecting their first child in August 2011. During the pregnancy, there were no issues - everything was going as expected. At 37 weeks 5 days, Kari went in for a routine check-up when her urine test noted some protein in the urine. Kari was advised to complete a 24 hour urine analysis over the weekend. That Tuesday, August 16th, a call was received from the doctors' office requesting that they come in for evaluation. Kari went to the doctors that afternoon at 38weeks 3 days and was advised that protein was spilling into her urine. She was diagnosed with "mild preeclampsia" and instructed to grab her bag and head to the hospital to be induced. 

Induction started at 2pm on Tuesday August 16th. Throughout the night, progression was made to 10cm and active labor was ongoing. After 19 hours in labor, the baby was found to be stuck and showing signs of distress. On August 17th, Kari was sent for an emergency C-Section and Chase Robert Badway was born. He spent only 6 hours in the NICU.

Kari went to recovery in severe pain. She spiked a fever of 104 degrees. Once out of recovery and back in the mother and baby unit, things started to get worse. With complaints of difficulty breathing, oxygen was provided. There was concerns of a possible blood clot and a body scan and blood work was ordered. The results came back in the middle of the night --- it was not a blood clot. Her lungs were filling with fluid and her blood tests were off the charts. She was officially diagnosed with HELLP syndrome. Kari was rushed to the ICU where she was diagnosed on top of HELLP with kidney failure, liver failure, pulmonary edema, fluid overload, acute respiratory distress syndrome, heart failure and DIC. With concern that the condition would get worse, Kari was placed into a medically induced coma on life support. The first 24 hours was round the clock care, multiple blood transfusions, magnesium sulfate and dialysis. With additional concern of a potential liver transplant needed, she was airlifted to UPenn in Philadelphia.

After an additional 2 days, a liver transplant was ruled out and her numbers started to trend in the right direction. Kari  spent a total of 19 days in the hospital, 9 days in ICU and 7 days in a medically induced coma. She learned to walk again and restore her fine motor skills. She received dialysis, multiple tests, countless blood work, and over 55 units of blood products through transfusions.

.In August 2012, at her one year anniversary, Kari's heart returned to normal limits. She continued to seek care every 6 months and after 3 years they reduced her medications to none.

Our story has a very happy ending. Kari is here with us and able to watch Chase grow up. Chase is a thriving now 8 year old!!


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