Please read this important information about our event and COVID-19.

The safety of our participants and staff are the top priority at the Hundley Foundation. The Hundley Foundation is committed to hosting a safe in person event.  We will follow all CDC and state guildines for hosting in person events. While we hope the event can happen has normal, we are making plans if adjustments need to be made. We hope that everyone will remain flexible and understand if things need to change. 


Will I have to wear a mask?

We are not sure what mask guidelines will be in April. The Foundation will follow all state mask guidelines in reguards to mask wearning. 

If we do not have the event in person can I get my registration fee and donations back? 

The event will take place whether it is in person, hybrid, or virtual. As this event is a fundraising event, we will not be able to return any registration fees. Your registration fee and all donations collected will still go to the mission of the Hundley Foundation. We all hope for an in-person event, but anyway we can raise awareness and funds is a win in our book.

If I do not feel comfortable going in person can I still participate? 

YES! We understand not everyone will feel comfortable attending the event in person or may not even live in the host city. There are still lots of ways to participate. We have added a Virtual Walker option. If you select this option at registration, we will mail you an event t-shirt and other goodies! You can still be a team captain and recruit others to join your team or donate. You do not have to attend in person to make a difference.

Will everyone be able to walk together? 

As we monitor information from the state health officials’ adjustments to the walk format may need to change if they limit large gathers again. Depending on our in-person attendance numbers and the capacity of large groups modifications may occur.   

What if I have other questions?

Your can always reach out directly to us at or call 1-800-606-2390