LNJ West Hudson - A Learning & Teaching Community!

Serving students in Harrison, East Newark, Kearny, Hoboken, and environs.

Three Days to Reach $3K

From Tuesday, June 27 to Thursday, June 29, West Hudson is tasked with contributing 10% to the state-wide goal. Let's show them what we've got! 


Literacy New Jersey West Hudson is a learning and teaching community! Together, students and trained tutors co-create an environment unlike any other - in part because it is staffed by caring volunteers and shared by dedicated students whose successes are multiplied by one another’s commitment to the program. 

Our students improve their literacy skills and improve their lives - they find better jobs, help their children in school, earn certificates and degrees, and become citizens.

As a non-profit, Literacy NJ depends on the civic support of friends like you to sustain and grow access to our programming. With your contribution, we can train tutors, provide instructional materials, and create meaningful, consistent programming that results in our students making real, measurable progress. In the process, communities are strengthened because its members are better skilled, and more prepared to get involved.

Your donation strengthens and ensures the growth and longevity of programming that builds skills, builds independence, builds relationships, and magnifies the best of the American Dream. 

Please donate today & consider sharing this cause with like-minded friends!


Tamar Samuel-Siegel                    Rosa Canete
Program Coordinator                      Literacy Specialist






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My Supporters

  • Leslie Rich Team Enid Wang Lee July 2023 $100.00
  • Cristina Ortiz On behalf of Tamar Samuel-Siegler July 2023 $50.00
  • Anonymous June 2023 $49.00
  • Shosh and Phil Samuel-Siegel Well done! ❤️ June 2023 $151.00
  • Amruta More June 2023 $50.00
  • Emily Bormann June 2023 $500.00
  • Christopher Nicosia Amazing work by amazing people. I hope this helps! June 2023 $250.00
  • Shosh and Phil Samuel-Siegel Well done! ❤️ June 2023 $151.00
  • Anonymous Thank you all for your service! June 2023 $150.00
  • Leslie Rich Team Enid Wang Lee July 2023 $100.00

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