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For the Love...of Learning 2022

Welcome to the "For the Love...of Learning" Online Auction! This auction is not limited to those who have registered to attend the "For the Love...of Learning" event and is open to EVERYONE!

We hope you'll have fun browsing and bidding on some amazing items. 

To register, follow the instructions below. 

If you've never used Givi, follow these instructions below to get registered prior to the event and get a head start on bidding on some exciting items!

1) Click this link to register for the auction:

2) On the thank you page, you'll have two options:

  1. Place Bids in your Browser: Click the "Enter the Auction" button. Follow the instructions to log in to Qgiv, or if you do not have a Qgiv account, create one.
  2. Place Bids in the Givi App (Recommended): Download the Givi app, and enter your Ticket Code. Follow the instructions to log in to Qgiv, or if you do not have Qgiv account, create one.

3) Enter a payment method while creating your account to place bids during the auction, or hit "Maybe Later" to complete this step later. (There is an option to enter your ticket code to bid without downloading Givi, but we recommend Givi for the easiest, most user-friendly experience).

Already have Givi? 

Open the app, under Organizations search "Learning Resource Center of Polk County, Inc.". Under Upcoming Events, you'll see 1 event. Select "For the Love...of Learning 2022" and click Register. 



If you need assistance with registering for the auction and bidding on items, LRC Staff is standing by ready to assist!





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