What is Lydie's Loop, exactly?

It's a morning of community for all who have lost babies through perinatal and neonatal death and for those that support them.  It's an upbeat event focusing on the love we have for our children, and a celebration of their lives.  We wear their names proudly on our shirts, our race bibs, and our name tags, we read the names of these babies, and we show off their photos or other sentimental items.

We begin with a kids' dash with kids of all ages racing (and laughing!)  Then most participants walk 1 mile, while others run a 5k.  Through it all, we have a raffle and silent with some amazing prizes and a balloon artist, Erica Carlson's Entertainment. 

We'll also have a post-race gathering at a restaurant for those who wish to join! 


How do I include a baby's name on the t-shirt?

You must register by 9/7/22 to include a baby's name on every Lydie's Loop t-shirt.  When you register, you'll be asked to provide the baby's first, middle, and last name.  Please list the name as you'd like it to be included on the t-shirt.


How do I begin?
You can register as an individual, create a team, or join a team. You can also register to volunteer at the event. 

As an individual, you are pledging to participate but not fundraise.  You can be a race day participant or “virtual” participant (who cannot attend the race but will receive a t-shirt in the mail after the event).  You can also include a donation with your registration, if you would like.

If you create a team (many teams are in honor of a baby), you are pledging to fundraise.  You’ll create your own personal page, share your story and photos, set goals, and get sponsors.  With the help of social media, that’s really easy to do! 

By joining a team, you are adding to the fundraising goal of that team.  You are registering and participating as a member of that team.  You can do that as a race-day participant or as a “virtual” participant.

You can also choose to donate just to the event or to a specific team!  


Where is it located?

Events will take place rain or shine at Woodside Green Park, 213 Camrose Court, Gahanna Ohio.  Pay attention to signs, as the park is hidden within a neighborhood.  The cul-de-sac at the end of Camrose Court, off Ridenour Road, opens into the park.  We have many families join us from all over Ohio!

What is the schedule for the morning? 

Check in & raffle ticket sales – 8:45-9:30 AM

Welcome – 9:30 AM
Kids’ Dash – 9:45 AM
5K/1Mile – 10:00 AM

1 Mile Walk - Immediately following the 5K
Raffle – Once everyone is back!! 

Follow us on Facebook for all event updates including more on a live reading of baby names on 9/24.

How will I fundraise?

Even if you've never raised money before, social media, emails, and other outreach will make it easy for you to solicit and collect sponsorships from friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, and others. Make it personal, as you want them to know that they are sponsoring YOU and YOUR efforts! Tell your story, and you will be surprised to see how quickly friends, family, and co-workers will respond to your request to help this wonderful cause.  And share often on social media!  Additionally, many companies offer charitable donation matching programs, so make sure to ask your sponsors to check with their employers.


Is the event only for Runners?

No! Lydie's Loop is designed as a day of fun for the whole family. It attracts many participants from the Ohio region, but it is also attended by family members and friends and supporters from the greater community who look forward to it as a fun community gathering.

In addition to the kids' dash, there will be also be children's entertainment. There will also be a raffle with lots of great prizes!


Is parking available?  

There is plenty of free parking at Woodside Green Park and in the surrounding neighborhood.  Meet us at the pavilion!


What are the raffle prizes?  

We are working on this year’s prizes and gladly accept donations!   


Are you looking for sponsors?

YES!  Please see our sponsor page here


What are funds raised from the event used for?

Count the Kicks is an evidence-based stillbirth prevention and awareness campaign that teaches expectant parents the method for, and importance of, tracking fetal movement daily during the third trimester of pregnancy. 

Each year in the U.S., approximately 23,500 babies are born still, or 1 in every 169 pregnancies, making it 10 times more common than SIDS. According to the CDC, a black woman is more than twice as likely to lose her baby to stillbirth (1 in 96 pregnancies) than her white neighbor, colleague, or friend. Research shows that a change in movement is sometimes the only indication that a baby is in distress and needs to be checked by your doctor.

The Count the Kicks app has been downloaded more than 130,000 times by expectant moms in all 50 states and 141 countries. It’s an easy-to-use tool for expectant parents to monitor their baby’s well-being in addition to regular prenatal visits.

Through the Count the Kicks campaign there is a community of moms who are in tune with their bodies and their babies, letting providers know when something feels off. Time and time again this system works — and babies are being saved across the country. In the first 10 years of our campaign in Iowa, the state’s stillbirth rate decreased nearly 32 percent while the rest of the country remained relatively stagnant.  If we were to replicate the success experienced in Iowa, over 7,500 babies would be saved annually in the United States.

All proceeds from Lydie’s Loop will be used to directly impact our mission to prevent stillbirth and save babies in Ohio and beyond by assisting with the expansion of Count the Kicks education and resources for Ohio maternal health workers, expectant parents and the community-based organizations that support them.  Healthy Birth Day, Inc. is the 501(3)(c) non-profit responsible for the Count the Kicks campaign. Learn more at www.countthekicks.org.


Other questions?

Contact Lydie's Mom, Heather, at lydiesloop@gmail.com