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My husband and I lost our sweet son, Anthony Wayne Pettiford III (AJ) unexpectedly on April 28, 2021.  My pregnancy was going well, and AJ was constantly moving! I did kick counts, but it never took long to feel ten movements.  I went to my 39 week visit on April 27, heard a heartbeat and everything was going well.  The next day I went into labor at work.  AJ had moved that morning, but once labor started, I stopped paying attention to his movement and timing contractions.  We went to the hospital and at triage we learned that AJ’s heart had stopped beating.  It took time to confirm. Two nurses tried the doppler, which I was sure had malfunctioned.  An ultrasound technician, then a physician came to confirm our son had died.  The moment is still surreal in my head.  I knew he was alive that morning, so I didn’t know what could’ve happened.  My labor with AJ is blurry but I know my family came to support my husband and I through the worst few days of our lives. The next morning, on April 29 at 6:45 am I gave birth to AJ who weighed 8 pounds and 0.4 ounces and was 21 inches long.  He was perfect in almost every way, his heart just stopped.  

We know now after an ultrasound that AJ’s death was caused by a cord accident.  The cord became compressed or otherwise compromised, most likely when contractions started.  There were no knots in the cord, but it was in the 90th percentile in length.  More research needs to be done to learn how to prevent future parents' worst day. I am angry that more hasn’t been done yet. My career is in pediatric injury prevention and I know there are ways to prevent unintentional deaths from unsafe sleep to using a car seat. After AJ’s death I learned that 47% of stillbirths are preventable with better preconception health and teaching moms to do kick counts.  I am proud to join Lydie’s family in raising money to help educate moms on the importance of counting kicks." 

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  • Jody Pettiford Jody Pettiford $157.50
  • Abbey Pettiford Abbey Pettiford Team Captain $80.00
  • Dennis Rymarczyk Dennis Rymarczyk $31.50
  • Timmy Williams Timmy Williams $30.80
  • Mary Brigid Young Mary Brigid Young $30.00
  • Molly McCourt Molly McCourt $29.30
  • Taylor Williams Taylor Williams $28.00
  • Jenna Pettiford Jenna Pettiford $27.50
  • Rebecca Mcleod Rebecca Mcleod $27.50
  • Erin Skrzyniecki Erin Skrzyniecki $25.00
  • Kevin Skrzyniecki Kevin Skrzyniecki $25.00
  • Jack Skrzyniecki Jack Skrzyniecki $25.00
  • Anthony Pettiford Anthony Pettiford $25.00
  • Addison Pettiford Addison Pettiford $25.00
  • Jamie McCourt Jamie McCourt $25.00
  • Dennis Mcleod Dennis Mcleod $25.00
  • Jennifer Lenz Jennifer Lenz $25.00
  • Travis Lykins Travis Lykins $25.00
  • Jill Pierce Jill Pierce $25.00
  • Benjamin Pierce Benjamin Pierce $25.00
  • Sullivan Young Sullivan Young $23.00
  • Charlotte Skrzyniecki Charlotte Skrzyniecki $18.00
  • Ellie Skrzyniecki Ellie Skrzyniecki $18.00
  • Shea McCourt Shea McCourt $18.00
  • Erin McCourt Erin McCourt $18.00
  • Amaya Pettiford Amaya Pettiford $18.00
  • Lorenzo Lykins Lorenzo Lykins $18.00
  • Milo Lykins Milo Lykins $18.00
  • Oliver Pierce Oliver Pierce $18.00
  • Winston Pierce Winston Pierce $18.00





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  • Housh Family Much love to the Pettiford’s and AJ. September 2023 $105.00
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