The Need

Increase our ability to respond to community needs through programs, scholarships and available open recreation space. 

"I am applying for assistance because we are a very large active family. Two years ago, I got very sick with several rare autoimmune diseases but with four busy kids in the home we have always kept an an membership. My father had been paying for this for us. Now we have been doing it on our own for months, but with me not workingwe have gotten a little behind. Help with our monthly bill will help make sure we keep our family active. WE LOVE THE ARC!" ~ scholarship recipient

The Project

Resurface the 22-year-old gymnasium floor and address tempurature control gaps. 

Raise funds for scholarships for youth camps, afterschool and memberships for all age groups. 

"I have 4 kids of my own and just took own my 4 nieces and nephews as foster children this week. It was an emergency situation and looks like I will have them long term. Just looking for any constuctive outlets for the foster kids and money is already very tight before this happened. Yes 8 kids living at home." ~ scholarship recipient

The Impact

Tempurature contol the gymnasium ensurance a safe space and the ability to increase programing for all age groups in the summer months. 

Scholarships for children & families ensures all community members have access regardless of finacial position. 

"Just found out by my doctor, I am at a pre-diabetic range. I am on meds for it. I've gained weight. My Dr. said I can have surgery. I rather lose my weight here at the alliance recration center the right way. I don't know where else to turn to." ~ scholarship recipien

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