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October 1, 2021 12:00am - December 31, 2021 12:00am

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MAS Orphan Drive

The Orphan who Changed the World Campaign, a partnership effort between MAS and Islamic Relief, is aimed at having us demonstrate our love for our Prophet Muhammad S~. Together we will honor the legacy of the greatest man to walk the Earth, our beloved Prophet, the one who changed the world despite being an Orphan. Over 15 MAS Chapters with 10 collaborating organizations have come together to answer the call of the Prophet S~ to #BeWithHim.  The Prophet, on him be peace, made a stunning statement about orphans: 'I and the one who sponsors an orphan shall be in Paradise like these two'—and he raised his index finger and the one next to it, holding them together, barely separate (Hadith Sahih). Let us express our love for our beloved Prophet Muhammad S~ and join the effort of sponsoring an orphan through this amazing initiative.  


Improving children’s daily lives by safe-guarding them against illness; providing them with educational opportunities; and by giving them access to proper nutrition, water, and sanitation services can also provide a cushion that would help alleviate suffering in emergency situations. Perhaps most important, those basic resources can provide a world of hope to children for a brighter future.

Your investment in Islamic Relief’s Global Children Support means that your donations reach children who just need an opportunity to break the chains of poverty around them. This fund is global, which allows IRUSA the flexibility to effectively send emergency aid or build innovative programs that address the unique needs of children in their communities. When the call for relief comes, your support here means we will be ready to serve with efficiency and immediacy.

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